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Foshan youyiju light steel house Co. Ltd. is located in the key place for China furniture manufacture: Longjiang Town, foshan City, Guangdong province. The company is specializes in production and designing container houses, mating overall decoration and furniture. Customers can customize the size inner decoration and furniture of the container according to their real situation. The container houses are suitable for unique hotels, farmhouse, restaurants, showrooms and shops. Different groups of containers can even form unique shopping strees or innovative parks.

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Personality spaceDesign Case

Have you ever thought of setting up a bar somewhere overnight? Excellent home, "dragon space" series can easily achieve for you. All the equipment and interior decoration, lighting, air conditioning and other functions in kind


Engineering seriesDesign Case

Without foundation treatment without complex structure of professional knowledge, you only need a solid ground and enough creative, you can use the "juchuang space" container module, you want to build a free space.……

Scenic gardenDesign Case

Facing the sea, spring is not a dream.This week at the Bali Island sea in front of the house, the next week with a home to admire the Greater Khingan Range wuregan.……

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